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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Reflecting on all this

My Perception

It all started to reveal itself in 2009. Bill’s work performance was slowly going downhill. By December 2009, Bill had gone from excellence in teaching performance to a year of hell as the changes revealed themselves.
Hostile work environment.

The first unsatisfactory review was harsh. We actually turned it in as a hostile work environment and won. The supervisor was rebuked, and the review rewritten. Eventually, though, despite the supervisor’s forced professional conduct, Bill eventually was let go. The magnificent pressures resulted in fast decline for Bill.
The next several months were a whirlwind of appointments, denial, acknowledgment, tests, medications, stress, love, ok, just picture a tumble weed flying through the air catching pieces of all the debris around it. You got it. Like a run on sentence… no real beginning, no real end. Ok, that’s my drama for today. I am really trying to focus on the good. No worry, I am also trying to be very realistic. God knows life is full of the unexpected.

Now all the tests are back, and the results are early onset of Alzheimer’s. Bless Bill’s heart. It’s sad and it’s hard. But we’re not dead yet, ya know? We’ve applied for SSDI, we were blessed and had good insurance on our home in Arlington, which has repaired many of the damages and will allow us to move back home. We have made tentative plans to move home around June 15.

I am trying to work out all the financial stuff while we wait on SSDI. I have a wonderful friend that helped me get through some seriously late tax filing. She did amazing stuff. I actually have some money coming back to us. Wow. I need to find a job. I am going to go regardless. My first choice is to stay in my field of Special Education, but will find a job. I just have to find something I can fit into.

Jack is going to highly miss his friends and I am worried about his adjustments. He is such a good, good boy and I hope and pray he has enough support to survive all this change in his life with self esteem and happiness.

The time between now and the move, plus the move itself will be very very difficult for Bill. He is frustrated. The thoughts are there, and he tries his best to communicate it. Sometimes it’s clear, sometimes not so. Trust me, he gets his point across, lol.

Ok, so that is the update.

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