Saturday, January 29, 2011

January 29, 2011

I haven't written as faithfully as I had hoped. Life is moving along and Bill continues to be in testing. The neuro-psychologist is a great fella. He's telling me to begin the SSDI process, so now I have to find time and add that to the growing list of things to do list. And with no income from Bill, the students loans are calling and the bills are adding up. Deep breath. Blow. Breath in and out. Ok, I can do this.

Bill has fixations. For the past month and a half it's been turning off the heat. The final straw came on a day when it was -20 plus, and he turned the heat off. I hate to figure out how to convince him we have to have heat. I finally made up this story about a co-worker who turned his heat off and all the pipes broke and it it cost thousands of dollars (money usually works with Bill). We agreed on 62 degrees. Whew. Crazy. Last week the doctor told him he can't drive at night and he should really limit his driving in the daytime due to the area of the brain that is affected. Guess what this week's fixation is? Bill has decided to buy a new truck. He went down to Ford when I was at work and picked up some brochures. He's looking for trucks with big search lights on the rooftop so he can see to drive at night. He's pumped. I'm smiling. I have heat again.