Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kansas, the wheatland.

We are home. We are so happy to be here. The house is coming along very nicely. The majority of the inside is completed. There is lots of cleanup and taking back control of nature outside and we have some decisions to make on the outside of the structure, also. Bill has had some very confused moments, and the clutter of all the unpacked boxes makes it tough for him, but over all he is holding his own. Jack is in social mode. Go Jack. I am about one third unpacked. I can't believe how cool the color schemes turned out. Go Lyn! On the way here we saw harvest in session. Haven't seen that in about ten years. Nice. We've connected with Al and Bob. Bob came to the house Wednesday with cinnamin rolls from Yoder (can't even describe its goodness) and helped moved furniture around and around and around. LOL. I guess moving a pellet stove on a pallet plus the marble fireproof flooring is a bit on the heavy side. Thanks, Bob. It looks great.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Goodbyes: the last week of school

As I near the end of packing to move back home, I am finally able to identify some of the grief I am feeling. I love working with my kids. It is a part of me, of who I am. It is a part of my identity.

It's humbling and an epiphany when I think of all the things I have learned from my kids. Here a a few of those things:

1. Exercise helps lesson our stress

2. Find purpose.

3.Stand up for yourself

4. Learn from each other

5. Forgive each other over and over and over. Accept differences and try to find the good in people.

6. Forgive each other over and over and over. Accept differences and try to find the good in people.



Ever give up. Think beyond your limitations.

8. Do things that make you happy. Climb, swing, ride bikes, spin....

9. You can tell really good friends you love them if you really do. It's ok to love others, too. If you don't know how to love, just spend a day in my classroom.

10. Care from the bottom of your heart.We love and miss you, Joey.

11. Celebrate every day like it is your birthday. Do things you love to do.

12. Set goals, dream like Marty and Billy, and work to be successful like RJ and Elvis.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


The last two weeks of school have been jam packed with field trips, cleanup, and socialization. What an incredible ending to my tenure here at the EUPISD. It had its quirky moments, but that is part of the name of the game in education. We decided to end the year with a bang. Becky's lake house is always a fun trip. Becky has a deep love for our group, and every year she has thrown parties for us at her house. In the winter we go snow mobiling and sledding. In the early summer we go to her house to enjoy the sun. This trip was a huge hit. We pull up in buses and all of Becky's neighbors join us at her house for fun in the sun (with a little luck). We were not disappointed. We rode and drove golf carts, the favored mode of transportation back and forth between houses. I don't know who had more fun riding and driving: the kids or the adults. We all loaded pontoons and deck boats and toured the lake, watched the swans, and enjoyed our day in the sun. The kids and staff all enjoyed our day at Becky's. Good food, good fun, lots of friendly, loving support. The sun, sand, and water were delightful. Becky, you are more than a friend. You are part of our family and we love you. Thank you for the being a friendly, loving friend.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Jack is a social icon. He's big and strong and a teddy bear. He loves wrestling and football. He is a social creature. With his parents, poor kid, he didn't stand a chance in being shy or withdrawn. He is my favorite volunteer in my classroom and he honestly considers our kids to be friends. I have to remind him to be chill and tone down his exuberance in public. How ironic is that?

Jack is a good friend, so Jack has a lot of friends. In fact, Jack has more friends than just about anyone I know. You know that makes me proud. He is quite the character. He befriends everyone, young, old, you name it. I know, yadda yadda. He's also ornery as is humanly possible, which also makes us proud. So, anyway, here are some pictures of a going away party put on by his wrestling coach and wife, Del and Angie Craven plus their son and Jack's friend, Jordan. Jack could easily move in with Del and the gang if they had room for one more. True dat.
The Craven's invited the wrestling team for Jack's send off party. He'll attend one more wrestling camp with his team. In fact, the afternoon he gets back the moving company will have us pretty close to packed.

The parties and farewells go on. Today he met a group at Sherman Park that included two ex-girlfriends that he has kept as friends. (Brave, too, isn't he?) Tonight he is hanging with Mark. To Jack it's all good. Danged straight. It is, too kid. Love, Mom