Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hi friends and family

Hi, everyone.

It is time to update my journal. I don't even know where to begin. We've been keeping really busy.  I've been muddling my way through paperwork and red tape for the VA. Past income makes us ineligible, so we have to request consideration for an emergency status. We will be eligible, but there is a process. There are several lengthy forms involved and I have to write out details of the past two years, including dates. I think I have gathered most of the required material. Maybe one day I'll turn it into a book, lol. I've got a great partner to keep me on task: My mom! She's helping me keep the momentum going in all areas: resources, supports, paper work, keeping the contractors and insurance transactions going, getting insurance lined up for all of us, etc. So much to do!!! Mom cracks that whip. Bill will see me slacking, and he narcs me out to her, too. Jeeeeez Louise somebody wake me up. Getting it from Lucy and Bill slightly interupts my perfect little cocoon. Negative waves, man....

Bill is very busy, which keeps me on my toes all the time.  I won't lie. Some days are pretty tough. I answer the same questions over and over, am questioned about why I keep things from him, it gets pretty tiring by the end of the day.  I have to get better at this. Bill picks up on my frustration and it makes him feel really bad. He starts apologizing, and I feel about an inch tall. I am better than that.  I can be such an emotional addict. It is probably my number one priority focus in my spiritual life, the need for balance.  I realize where I'm at, Miss Grumpy, and then I stop to listen to what he is going through. He talks about not being able to find his way from room to room. He has to stop, get grip, and work his way through it. And it happens over and over and over, constantly. He fights panic attacks on really bad days. Those are the wacko days for certain.

Bill went for several weeks where his grooming was getting pretty awful. We are swinging back into the opposite, thank you Lord. He finally let me trim and shape his beard a couple of weeks ago. From there he went to town. Yesterday he came downstairs clean, shaved, and wanted me to clean up the back of his neck, etc. Wow.  He looks twenty years younger.

Once we get Bill established with the VA, we will get Dr's established. Back in Michigan, the doctors told us it is important to keep busy. I try to keep him pretty busy. It is hard to get him to go somewhere for very long, so I love it when the friends drop in . We love it when you stop by to see us! We were walking through a book store and Bill ran into the original Warden from the late 80's during his career at the prison. He enjoyed that. We also celebrated Harvey's 70th birthday with his family and friends. We saw several of Bill's past co-workers from the DOC there. It was nice to see "the good ole boys" again. Oh, and in case you don't know (shhh, this is top secret.) Harvery is the real Santa.
This is Jack and Harvey- I mean Santa on one of his many visits. When Jack was in about the third grade a kid told him that Santa wasn't real. Jack looked at the kid and said, "I'm not taking any chances. I've seen him drink beer with my dad."

We also got to go to the  Miller's famous Bike Fun Run. George started it years ago. He would be happy to see generation after generation of family, friends, and those that "show up" carry on with the races, building a great track, fun and competition. I didn't take any pics- too busy keeping Bill from getting ran over. He got ansy and we left earlier than usual.

I think the highlight of our past few weeks would be the invite to ride with Mike and Kim Baughman in the Antique Car and Hotrod Cruise the night before the big show. Mike has an incredible vehicle.
It is a 1955 Chevrolet tweaked out to the max. Mike has also installed a little "entertainment center" in the trunk including a high def screen for music videos to liven up any "tail gate" parties.

Count us in, honey. We had a blast. Of course it was a little tricky keeping Bill inside the car. He hung out the window waving and hollering at the admiring car. Thank you, Mike and Kim. Bill's auto hormones were in full swing... 
Mike's first chop shop was in his garage. He was about ten, probably. He and his brothers would take bikes apart to modify theirs, lol. They could sweet talk me into my bike parts without batting an eye. Uh huh, sure Mike.

I am learning lessons in compassion, patience, seemingly about every personality tribute I've ever admired. I hope I can live up to the type of person I think I am.