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Thursday, April 7, 2011

How's the new med working?

Bill's meds were tweaked a bit. He's taking amytriptiline, aerosept, paxil, all at bedtime and he takes clonazopan usually 2 right before bed, and whenever he seems overwhelmed to me. I have learned that the more tired he is, the more confusion seems to interfere. He started this combo on last wed. I saw an immediate improvement. We ventured to Kansas to work on the house. We kept busy, active, took lots of trips to Arlington. Be day 3 he was pretty confused and difficult. We arrived in Kansas on Sunday and returned on Saturday, driving the full way both days. He missed a dose of medicine on the first Sunday and the last Saturday because we left early early. He's been disoriented to time and place, his speech is confused, and he has a tough time naming things. I am hoping to see some recovery from the trip.

I gave my resignation today to Rachel. I cried. I love my job and my friends here, but I know in my heart it is time to come home. I have no job yet. Please, please pray for some guidance. I don't know how much longer Bill will be able to be left at home along any more.

Thanks for listening. I don't want to become a synic. I am also very worried about the toll caring for our loved ones will make. I will do this. I know God will be there to help us through.

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