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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Time flies

Time flies. We have had so much happen over the past month or so. Bill has had some real mixed up days.I start him on a new medication in a few days. I am thinking I better use this to help keep a record of good and bad days to see if I can see a pattern. Ah, data based information. We all went to Kansas over spring break. I feel like we got a lot done in terms of pushing the repairs on the house. I am very nervous about getting a job. Ah, pressure. Yuck. It is really one of my very worst downfalls.That and whining about hating pressure. I am taking myself way too serious today. I hope I lighten back up in a few days. I can tell it's time to get back into balance. Lyn declares this CENTERING: DAY 1 I will pray/meditate, focusing on my own well-being so I can take care of others.

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