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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kansas, the wheatland.

We are home. We are so happy to be here. The house is coming along very nicely. The majority of the inside is completed. There is lots of cleanup and taking back control of nature outside and we have some decisions to make on the outside of the structure, also. Bill has had some very confused moments, and the clutter of all the unpacked boxes makes it tough for him, but over all he is holding his own. Jack is in social mode. Go Jack. I am about one third unpacked. I can't believe how cool the color schemes turned out. Go Lyn! On the way here we saw harvest in session. Haven't seen that in about ten years. Nice. We've connected with Al and Bob. Bob came to the house Wednesday with cinnamin rolls from Yoder (can't even describe its goodness) and helped moved furniture around and around and around. LOL. I guess moving a pellet stove on a pallet plus the marble fireproof flooring is a bit on the heavy side. Thanks, Bob. It looks great.

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