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Thursday, June 2, 2011


Jack is a social icon. He's big and strong and a teddy bear. He loves wrestling and football. He is a social creature. With his parents, poor kid, he didn't stand a chance in being shy or withdrawn. He is my favorite volunteer in my classroom and he honestly considers our kids to be friends. I have to remind him to be chill and tone down his exuberance in public. How ironic is that?

Jack is a good friend, so Jack has a lot of friends. In fact, Jack has more friends than just about anyone I know. You know that makes me proud. He is quite the character. He befriends everyone, young, old, you name it. I know, yadda yadda. He's also ornery as is humanly possible, which also makes us proud. So, anyway, here are some pictures of a going away party put on by his wrestling coach and wife, Del and Angie Craven plus their son and Jack's friend, Jordan. Jack could easily move in with Del and the gang if they had room for one more. True dat.
The Craven's invited the wrestling team for Jack's send off party. He'll attend one more wrestling camp with his team. In fact, the afternoon he gets back the moving company will have us pretty close to packed.

The parties and farewells go on. Today he met a group at Sherman Park that included two ex-girlfriends that he has kept as friends. (Brave, too, isn't he?) Tonight he is hanging with Mark. To Jack it's all good. Danged straight. It is, too kid. Love, Mom

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