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Sunday, June 12, 2011


The last two weeks of school have been jam packed with field trips, cleanup, and socialization. What an incredible ending to my tenure here at the EUPISD. It had its quirky moments, but that is part of the name of the game in education. We decided to end the year with a bang. Becky's lake house is always a fun trip. Becky has a deep love for our group, and every year she has thrown parties for us at her house. In the winter we go snow mobiling and sledding. In the early summer we go to her house to enjoy the sun. This trip was a huge hit. We pull up in buses and all of Becky's neighbors join us at her house for fun in the sun (with a little luck). We were not disappointed. We rode and drove golf carts, the favored mode of transportation back and forth between houses. I don't know who had more fun riding and driving: the kids or the adults. We all loaded pontoons and deck boats and toured the lake, watched the swans, and enjoyed our day in the sun. The kids and staff all enjoyed our day at Becky's. Good food, good fun, lots of friendly, loving support. The sun, sand, and water were delightful. Becky, you are more than a friend. You are part of our family and we love you. Thank you for the being a friendly, loving friend.

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