Friday, December 27, 2013

Holiday Perspectives from this Pollyanna girl

Holiday Perspectives 

from this Pollyanna Girl

There are so many perspectives from this life of mine. Sometimes we have to talk about the dark side of life: disappointments. lost battles, sadness, failures, broken dreams. These things are always difficult to face, and talking about them openly helps me to heal. Sharing my experiences hopefully helps us to know we are not alone. 

The days before Christmas was a special time. The kids came home for an extended visit. I greeted them with great joy as they came in carrying baskets of laundry and hungry bellies! We worked together diligently with two days to go before the big day.  

I filled the house with fabulous holiday aromas of family favorites: cinnamon rolls, hot breads,

and chocolate cherry candies.

Jack and Deveney shoveled snow, wrapped, and delivered our homemade goodies to friends.

Christmas Eve the kids drove to the nursing home to pick up their daddy. Bill was alert and talkative and was glad to be with us in our home. We spent the day as a family, sitting around the fireplace, watching television and peacefully enjoying our day together.

As the night began to set, Bill began to cycle and sun-downer's began to rear its ugly head. The kids drove Billy back to the nursing home. The day must have been overwhelming for Bill. He became agitated once they got him back into the home.  Bill had evolved from being alert and friendly to becoming upset. He swung wildly towards Jack, muttering words about illegal imprisonment. Nursing staff stepped in, helping Bill to safety  and allowing the kids to leave safely.  Jack returned
home, his sweet Deveney at his side.

Jack was matter of fact when he shared how his dad had gotten upset. He appeared to be strong and full of wisdom I hadn't noticed before. I looked at my boy with a realization he has changed. I felt so proud that he understood. I do understand, mom, he indicated. "Thank you, mom, for what you are trying to do for Dad and me," he said. "I know you are trying to make good memories. I do want you to know though, there are some (bad) things that he's done that I won't forget." Yes, son, there are things neither of us will forget. So for now, let's celebrate some of the good things.

Let's celebrate some good memories!

Oh, and the best part of my Christmas Day? My soon to be daughter in law put my hand on her tummy and I felt my grandson kick for the very first time. Merry Christmas. Life does go on.

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