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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

This was posted on a site today. It is translated by a search engine and it is, of course, jumbled. I found it priceless as it reminds me of Bill when he speaks. He tries really hard to communicate but the words get jumbled and come out wrong many times. Still, I know (and YOU will also know) what the message is. May this bless you as much as it blessed me.

On that day, where you me as old man

see and I no longer am I,.

have patience with me and try to


When I bekleckere me at dinner, me

not really don't have patience.

Think back to the hours, the I

have spent at that time to teach you.

When I talk with friends and I me

Repeat for the hundredth time, opponent

I don't just listen to me. Small as you

were, I have me constantly your chatter

and listened to anywhere, whether at home, in business

or acquaintances.

If I do not wash, shower or

bathe, Saha not with me and above all

not beschäme me. Remember, how

often you had excuses and how often I make

on the go swimming had to remember.

If you my ignorance with respect to new

Technologies notice, I ask me the

necessary time to the learn to give. And please

do not laugh along the way about me.

I have contributed so many things...

How to properly eat how to behave

How to speak, how to attract and how

you find your way in this world.

Very many of these things; are the result of

the strength and cooperation between us two-

You and me.

If I'll eventually forgetful or

lose the thread of our conversation, give

She needed me time to remind me. And

If I but can't remember,.

will not nervous and angry; I think

namely; that the entertainment not

Most important is, but the proximity

and that you listen to me.

Nickster me not to the food, if I do not

wants. I know best what I need and

What is not.

If me sometime my tired legs do not

Let go more quickly, your rich me

helping and supporting hand as I

have done it for you, as you learned


And when I say one day, that my

Life is no longer worth living and that I

want to die, I was not evil. One day

You'll understand that there nothing at all with

Has to do not with your love to me

and with my love for you. Learn how to

easy-to-understand, that I in my

Age is not live, but to survive


One day you'll realize that despite I

the error that I have made, only that

Wanted the best for you and that I tried

You just have your way through this world

and just as possible to make.

You mustn't be neither angry nor sad and

Feel incapable of even if you me

so see. You have to be only at my side,

try to understand me and help me

so as I did, as you are in this

World were born.

Now, you're me on my turn,

difficult, not always straight and level

Way to accompany. Please help me this way

Love and patience to end to go. I will

It friends with a smile and with the

infinite love, the I always for you

had, have and will have, thank...♥♥♥ (Translated by Bing)
Humanis Pflege GmbH

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