Sunday, September 16, 2012

For those of you who have been reading my blog about our family's experience with early onset of Alzheimer's and Bill's eventual placement in a nursing home, thank you for your support. Recently I shared on my posting about Grandpa coming to visit . Grandpa does not believe his son has Alzheimer's. Grandpa does not believe Bill needs to be in a nursing home. I have a boy that is a senior in high school. Our boy, Jack, has been overwhelmed with the loss, the mental trauma and continued struggles with his father, our 25th anniversary, his 18th birthday, and the visit from Grandpa. He has been riding on an extreme roller coaster in emotional outbursts and has experienced extreme hopelessness and a desire to die several times in the past few weeks. His girlfriend has broken up with him, and he feels so betrayed. We have been to intake at Horizons, and he is on a list to be seen by a counselor in mid October and a Psychiatrist in November. Please send positive energy and prayers toward my son. Our home is open to receiving blessings. I will keep you informed through links on my blog. Thanks you.

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