Wednesday, June 10, 2015

When words just don't come easily

As my absence would logically support, I have lost my ability to put much into words these days. It's not that things have been slow. Our lives have changed greatly on many levels. Change is, in fact, change is our only constant. 

Everything flows and nothing stays. Plato, Cratylus, 402a

Sadly, we watch Billy slowly fade away. This is where I would normally throw in some humor or share from an immensely overflow of emotions. For awhile now, the emotions have been numb. The wait continues. I have had times where I had to withdraw. At other times I have drawn close and allowed myself to feel and try to make sense of all of this. God knows we all do the best we can in these times of life.  Jack and I do our best to live normal lives and try to figure out how this all has to work. Jack has taken a position at his father's nursing home. It has been tough for him, but he is a strong and amazing young man and the job has given him confidence and a purpose. It also helps him to feel close to his dad. He is very realistic about his father's condition yet encourages his dad and teases him like they used to playfully harass each other. He is far better son than I ever dreamed of. He is learning his walk in life as a husband, father, son, and provider. 

The disease is slowly pulling Bill into its massive emptiness. We hear of new hope of a drug that is reversing memory loss in 75% of its test subjects and may be available for human use by 2017. Hope is in the air. 

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