Thursday, February 6, 2014

Goodbye to Mr. Bill

Sadly we say goodbye

Sadly we say goodbye to my sweet Aunt Lois' guy pal, Mr. Bill. These two found each other after caring for their first loves until the end. At 78 and 86, these two lived life like no other going on cruises, dancing the night away four to five times a week, going to water exercise, and hitting every social event humanly possible. Bill, thank you for bringing so much joy to my aunt Lois. You have won honorary "uncle" status in my heart. You will be missed.

On an added note, Bill has struggled with his health for a bit. He of course, blamed it on her. She is beautiful and sexy and is larger than life. "I've all ready had four heart pace makers put in, since meeting her," he claimed on his last visit. What a cracker. Salute, you crazy man. Tell my heavenly family I send my regards and miss them greatly. 

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