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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I was robbed today

I was robbed today. I thought I protected myself. I thought I had covered all the bases. I'm stunned. I'm pissed. I feel like a victim. I feel like a fool. Humiliated,
humbled, shocked, embarrassed, stunned.... ok, how many adjectives can I possibly come up up? Oh, wait. Debased, disgraced... how do I tell my 75 year old mom that I was taken, robbed, that I owe another $5000 out there to my bank, now. Humiliation is a hard pill to swallow.

I was in my second week of training for my new job. I had posted my
resume/vitae on several business and academic type job search sites.  There was an interview. There was the offer. It was, in deed, a job too good to be true. It wasn't going to make me rich, but it had full benefits. It had insurance. And I would work from home.

I didn't answer right away. There were red flags. Was it legit? I read everything that was sent to me. I did internet searches. I talked to a couple of business friends. None of us could find anything on this company. It was out there, easy to find. It looked legitimate.

They needed to be able to transfer funds to me through my account. "Red flag" was my first thought. How much access would they have to my account?  They only needed to make deposits in my account. It was set up like a direct deposit, something I have done many many times. I know, I know. What were you thinking?

None of us considered the angle this company took.

For a full week, I trained: I read the site employee manual, learned about the steps in the process would complete. I talked to my bank to get information on guidelines for federal wires, limits on daily withdrawals, and so forth. Finally, this morning when I logged on, I found my first task assignment.

At 9 am promptly, I contacted my bank to learn my deposit was in my account and it was available for withdrawal. The bank initiated a 24 hour hold on the check, concerned with the authenticity of the source of the money. I waited patiently, feeling pretty confident that this was a legit company. After a few hours, the bank's main branch released the deposit, as they also could find no history of fraud or negative business.

I withdrew the deposit (not one penny of this withdrawal was mine. Feeling confident.)  I wired the money. I completed and closed the task. I felt good. I completed my first task successfully, earned a small commission, and earned a plus in the eyes of my new employer (I hoped). I got home, checked my Task Manager Office and learned I was awarded a $50 bonus. I was thrilled. I was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I had finally found a job that was going to provide my son and I with insurance and the chance to pay off the ongoing growing pile of bills accumulating since we first moved home when Bill was diagnosed with Alzheimer''s.

At four o'clock my bank called. The check used to make the deposit to my account had been found to be fraudulent. The funds would be withdrawn from my account. I was accountable for almost $5000.

All I wanted was a job. I moved here so I could take care of my family. Now that is what I want to do: I want to meet the needs of my family. I do not want to get rich. I do not want a free road. I want to earn an earnest living that pays the bills, provides the protection of health insurance.

I do not understand this evilness I have experienced today. Get behind me.

Tomorrow I work on applications again.


  1. I am so sorry! I cintinue to pray for you and your family. Love you!

  2. How awful! Being robbed is definitely one of the most traumatic experiences one can suffer, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. And this kind of burglary takes it to a whole new level. I hope you found legal means to resolve this, like reported the bogus company or had them tracked down by the authorities. We don't want anyone else to become their victims of their new take on thievery. I also wish you've found yourself a livelihood to support yourself and your family. The best of luck to you this year.

    Richard @ RDF Attorney