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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Thank God it is not like this every day.

Let me tell you about my day. It's been a weird one. True story. Honest to God. I could not make this up, lol. I get a text from a friend asking if I know where Bill is. He was sitting here with me. No prob. I learn that there is a bank robbery going on a block from my house.Brenda was concerned it might be Bill in one of his weird moments. Bill hears me talking to Brenda, and figures out what is going on less than a block from us. Bill gets that look in his eye and snaps into la la land. He runs upstairs and grabs a rifle. It's a WWII Japanese rifle that my father in law took off one of the enemy in the day. So he is hell bent on going out armed with this gun. I am blocking the door.Talking him out of it. Can you imagine? An armed man walks up to a bank that just got robbed. It took me forty-five minutes and some serious meds to deter him today. I took these without him realizing it. My heart was pounding, let me tell you.
Look at his face in this one. It was too surreal. Now he's sleeping. When he wakes up he should be back to earth .
He was into the role of the Patriot. Quoting his rights. I kept reasoning, you can't go out there. They'll shoot you. They don't know if you're the good guy or the bad guy. I finally just agreed that "they" (unknown for sure?) are just crazy, and he can't get shot up. Is that nuts?
I really am doing ok. It's not like this every day (thank God). I rearranged the Master bedroom so the bed is flush against big French windows.I made a great sitting area and a place for me to work out in the Master room and the way I have the bed positioned, he has to climb over me in the night so I don't wake up to as many surprises. I woke up one morning last week and Bill has rearranged the living room. All the furniture was lined up on the three walls. Very strange. The whole north side of my living room, kitchen, and sunroom was opened up and the furniture clung to the edges. That's a huge open area, lol.
Send alcohol. Love, Lyn

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  1. Wow what a life you have! Never a dull moment. I do not know how long he will be able to stay home with you, but you doing this is a great gift to him. Know that I appreciate it as a man whose worst fear is to loose my mind. I lost 2 people to cancer in the last 2 months, both I met in Hutch the one year I was in college. One was my brother Pat's wife Dee, and the other was a personal friend which in the life of a man are few and far between. I am grieving, so trying to live each day, and thinking of anything left I need to do before it is my turn. Hugs and kisses Lyn. I am here for you!