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Sunday, May 15, 2011

5 weeks before the big move.

How time flies. I am finishing up my tenure with the EUPISD. School is out June 10 and the movers are coming June 15. So that means the big move day is in five weeks. We’ve been together almost half our lives. In that time we have collected a lot of stuff. I am now in the midst of trying to pack all that stuff. The good news is the green room is packed. Cheer cheer.

Gawd, I thought I was above being materialistic. I have these “treasures” that I just can’t let go of. I have pictures of Lorene Blue and me on her pony when I was probably eight years old. I have pictures, books, and things given to me from my favorite people. And crystals and rocks….. and I wish I could sneak some starts of some of my plants here, but that’s totally banned. I can’t cross the Mackinac Bridge with any plants. There’s probably maybe a trophy or two, also, but we won’t get into that. I am trying to run around and keep the paperwork flow going, am trying to get things prepared so I can apply for re-certification in Kansas. I am preparing for a big presentation for a project I have been working on for intense training in Autism. It’s been amazing and has made me hungry to complete that Ph.D. find myself surrounding myself with friends. It helps keep perspective on life.

On good days, Bill is positive and his normal ornery self. He calls finding out about the early onset of Alzheimer’s a wakeup call. We make plans about the future. We’re falling back to a more spontaneous lifestyle, again. I think it’s going to bring us back to living in the moment and taking control of the things that cause stress in our lives. On bad days Bill is pissed. He talks about publishing just a couple of years ago. He grieves over the financial loss. Then he revels in beating his student loans. Crack me up. We’re looking for a new dog, most likely a rottie again. Bill wants to name her Sallie Mae.

I’ve probably mentioned this, but Bill has a great sense of humor about life. He quit trimming his hair close and is growing it out. Grizzly Adams comes to mind. He was trimmed to a goatee, but his beard is starting to fill in. He wants to grow it long and put it in a clip like ZZ Top or Johnny Depp. I’ve tried to talk him into a pony tail for years. He’s anxious to get back home, and has been bringing up City Council. I have threatened his life if he runs for office when we get home or gets involved in politics in any fashion. I have done my time as the City Councilman’s wife. He can, however, set in the back and heckle if he wants.

Man, I have these mood swings about leaving. In one sense I am very excited to get home. It’s been eight years since we left Kansas. I have made some of the very best friends I have ever had while living here. I guess when you have seven months of winter there is plenty of time to get to know each other. I realize I need my friends more than ever. I am so fortunate to have connection with so many friends from my past. I love to celebrate. And as many of you know, I celebrate a lot. I went out for a beer with my co-teacher at our regular little bar. There’s this old guy there named Jack, and he’s there every time we go in. We’ve bonded, lol. I told him this week that I was moving. He turned to Dave and said, “You can’t let her go. She’s the happiest person I know.” (Please imagine slurred words and a cig bouncing up and down as he speaks.) Made my day.

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